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Preconstruction Services

Waterproofing Design Consultation

PIW works with your architect to identify waterproofing systems appropriate for your project. Consultation services include product research, preliminary detail reviews, RFI and submittal review and response, and assistance with product selection.

Architectural Peer Plan Reviews

A review of the most relevant construction documents: architectural drawings, architectural specifications related to the exterior envelope, waterproofing assemblies, and fire and sound control assemblies to verify conformance to the pertinent codes and to minimize potential problems that may arise during the strict liability period.

Accessibility Peer Plan Reviews

An examination of the construction documents, the architectural, landscape, and civil plans and details with a focus on ADA/state accessibility/Fair Housing Act compliance requirements. The review includes key factors such as path of travel, accessibility-related construction systems and details, material selections, and signage.

Surrounding Properties Surveys

An examination of the surrounding properties prior to commencement of demolition and major construction on-site to observe and report to the Client on the physical condition of the structures and certain site improvements on the properties adjacent to the project site to mitigate possible meritless claims.

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