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Job Opportunity: Architectural Peer Plan Reviewer

Architectural Peer Plan Reviewer

Job Description:

  • The position involves the review of plans, specifications, and related construction documents. The work involves a variety of project types and building sizes. The reviewer will determine each project�s: quality of design and appropriateness of materials, general compliance with national and/or state building codes, adequacy of the proposed construction schedules, and status of the state of completion of the drawings, specifications, certifications, and permits.

  • The reviewer must prepare a written report of their observations and recommendations in Microsoft Word or Excel. Each issue addressed will be clearly identified by the exact drawing sheet and/or page of the construction documents on which it is found. The redlined set will also be provided to the client.

  • The reviewer must be knowledgeable of code requirements, regional trade practices, and manufacturers' installation requirements for common materials.

  • The reviewer must be able to clearly communicate, in writing and verbally, with project team members and company management.

  • The reviewer must be able to work independently, setting their own schedule while meeting the needs and deadlines of our clients. Most reviews are allotted a 2 week deadline, in some cases less.

  • A debriefing meeting or teleconference is commonly conducted following the review with the key project personnel to clarify the plan review findings and recommendations and to offer assistance to the Client with regard to plan changes. The reviewer must be present at these meetings and be prepared to discuss their observations.


  • International Code Council (ICC) Certified Plans Examiner or California licensed architect;

  • 10 years of experience performing architecural peer plan reviews;

  • Strong knowledge of the international and state building codes (IRC, IBC, CRC, CBC, LABC, ORSC, OSSC, WSBC, etc.);

  • Reliable transportation, this position requires minimal travel to and from the PIW office and our Client�s office.


  • This is a contract position.

Required Experience:

  • 10 years of experience performing architecural peer plan reviews.

Required License or Certification:

  • International Code Council (ICC) Certified Plans Examiner or California licensed architect.

If you are interested in applying we urge you to submit your resume to

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