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Home Building Industry Publications

Through our affiliated company, MacLellan Media, Inc., we offer three outstanding home building industry publications for property developers or homeowners to utilize and understand industry guidelines for residential construction.

We offer the following books:

  • The Home Book: A Complete Guide to Homeowner and Homebuilder Responsibilities;
  • The National Home Maintenance Manual;
  • The Handbook of Specifications and Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors.

All have the common theme of home building quality control, SB 800 Construction compliance and industry standards of care. Consumer expectations, workmanship guidelines and standards, and structured maintenance programs are emphasized throughout each publication.

Our residential property development publications are written and display information in an easy to understand format so anyone can get involved in compliance and or maintenance of their property.

To purchase or learn more about our publications, please visit our affiliated website:

Client Comments

"Brookfield Homes-Bay Area has been using Pacific InterWest for our third party quality control inspections for the past six years. We have found their work to be first rate. Also, each new Brookfield homeowner receives a copy of the California Building Performance Guidelines for Residential Construction as part of their buying experience."

John Ryan
Brookfield Homes-Bay Area

"We use Pacific InterWest for architectural plan reviews, course of construction inspections, maintenance survey and litigation support. We also purchase their industry publications on home maintenance and building standards. I have found the quality of their work and service to be excellent."

Robert Freed
SummerHill Homes

Home Building Industry Publications

The Home Book

is an easy-to-read Manual and an excellent tool for the consumer to understand a new home. The Manual contains appropriate and comprehensive homeowner maintenance tips, and defines the standards to which the home should be built. More...

The National Home Maintenance Manual

should be an important part of every homeowners library. It contains practical information, is easy to read and understand, and is comprehensive in its content. All components and aspects of home ownership and home maintenance are covered, from understanding and making the most of your "Walkthrough", to when and how to perform essential maintenance tasks. More...

The Handbook of Specifications and Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors
fills a very important niche by setting forth standards of workmanship for home building and remodeling. This unique publication covers specifications, methods of installation, and standards for 35 of the specialty trades that build houses. More...


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